Focus on Freshmen - Los Angeles
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2018 Institutes
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For Principals & Administrators

Freshman Transition Leadership Institute
from The George Washington University's Freshman Transition Initiative

Freshman Transition for Principals
Developing Your Strategic Plan

For School & District Planning Teams

Best Practices: Freshman Transition in Action
Successful Models from Results-Oriented Schools

For Secondary School Instructors

How to Implement the Freshman Course
Chapter-by-Chapter Introduction for Instructors using Career Choices

How to Implement the Freshman Course:
Chapter-by-Chapter Introduction for High School Instructors
using Career Choices and Changes

Implementing the Stay Focused! Follow-up Modules
in the 10th, 11th, and 12th Grades®
Hands-on Exploration of a Comprehensive Planning Tool

For College Instructors

How to Implement a 2 to 3-unit College Freshman Course
Instructional Strategies for
Student Success/First-Year Experience Courses®
Hands-on Exploration of a Comprehensive Planning Tool

For College/High School Collaborations

Get Focused...Stay Focused!® Initiative
A Grade 8-14 Effort Ensuring Students are College and Career Ready

Advanced Implementation

Career Choices Lead Administrator/Teacher Institute
for Educators Responsible for Professional Development

TIPS: Teaching Insights, Practices, & Solutions
for the Experienced Career Choices Instructor