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Hands-on Exploration of a Comprehensive Planning Tool

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For Career Choices Instructors

Designed for instructors from secondary and post-secondary schools who want to incorporate more technology into their Career Choices course*, this hands-on institute will provide tips and strategies to successful launch your course from the first day with a primary focus on® Interactive is more than just an electronic rendering of the planning process outlined in the Career Choices series.  It is a comprehensive, Internet-based system delivering 98 exercises, activities, and surveys that interact with the learner, facilitating a decision-making process that culminates in the development of a personalized 10-year plan that is not only quantitative, but more important meaningful.® Interactive is not a canned, one-size-fits-all experience where the learner has little control over or relationship with the outcome, - similar to those found on the Department of Labor websites.  Instead,® Interactive enhances the textbook giving the computer a role that reaches beyond that of “tool” to something more akin to that of a coach, counselor, or mentor. The system gently guides, prompts, and, where necessary, prods the student through an in-depth decision-making process.

(*a year-long course for high schools is recommended)

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