Focus on Freshmen - Los Angeles
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Freshman Transition for Principals
Developing Your Strategic Plan

Session Descriptions

Conferene AttendeesSession 1-Beginning with the End in Mind
The most important skills of a successful leader are establishing a clear purpose and vision for the organization.  After reviewing some of the research related to freshman transition programs, participants will explore tactics for developing personal vision within the context of organization identity and personal identity. They will begin outlining possible goals for the outcome from their efforts related to their freshman transition Initiative.

Session 2-Laying the Foundation
This session details the framework for designing and implementing a freshman transition course tailored for your school and community.  You’ll be asked to explore your school’s data, identify core values, and then set goals, and develop a plan for shared commitment to a common purpose.

Session 3-Choosing the “A” Team
Institutional change requires the support and effort of many.  This session will provide strategies to help you to identify and then recruit the “best of class” leaders in your school. The discipline and skills of team learning will be introduced and applied to your unique organization.  The basics of team leadership will be explored as you develop your “A” Team for your freshman transition initiative.  

Session 4-Generating Buy-in
This session will provide some research-based methods for generating buy-in among faculty and staff.  Professional development activities will be introduced to promote systems thinking and develop communication capacity. Mediums for promoting district, board, and stakeholder support will be developed for the freshman transition initiative.

Session 5-Shaping the Curriculum to Meet Your Goals and Standards
This session will focus on how the Career Choices curriculum was refined to meet all of the specific goals and state standards for McCormick High School.  You will engage in activities to correlate your developed school goals to the curriculum that best fits the demands of your school, and needs of your students.

Session 6-Extending the Freshman Initiative to a School-wide Effort
This session will discuss the “how to” of transforming your freshman transition course and school culture into a collaborative learning community. The model includes a continuity plan for the sophomore, junior, and senior years using the 10-year plan as a common planning and advisory tool.  The senior year will culminate with a senior project and portfolio that provides a seamless transition to post-secondary experiences. 

Session 7-Reward, Recognize, Celebrate, and Motivate
This session will share a successful plan for celebrating and rewarding the achievements of the faculty and staff to foster continued energy and commitment to the learning community. You will develop specific incentives to meet the needs of your students, motivating them to keep to a high level of enthusiasm for the total school community.  Participants will share their freshman transition Initiative Plans they’ve been working over the course of the three days so we can all support, celebrate and share in their commitment to transforming the lives of their students.